Purpose of this Webinar

The International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT) have launched an e-learning platform on COVID-19 to safeguard radiographers and radiological technologists who work as frontline healthcare workers in medical imaging and radiotherapy. The series of webinars support the delivery of key elements extracted from the ISRRT response document which was created as guidance for Radiographers and Radiological Technologists globally.

The response document and the webinars, consider the appropriate and safe use of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking into account infection control measures in addition to standard radiation protection procedures.

This webinar focuses on Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT and compliments the CT, Ultrasound, and External Beam Radiotherapy modules and other training resources under development. This webinar aims to prepare radiographers and radiological technologists to understand the key concepts required for infection control measures with due consideration to radiation protection measures. We hope that this will serve as a useful tool in supporting radiographers and radiological technologists to perform Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT examinations safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.