Meet the educator

Full name:

Angela Meadows

Job title & Employer Details:

Unit Manager Alliance Medical,

Preston PET CT Centre & Westmorland MRI Centre. UK

Chair for the Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Advisory Group

Society and College of Radiographers. UK.

Area(s) of professional and clinical expertise:


Nuclear Medicine

Clinical Trials & Research Management

Education & Training

Paediatric Imaging

50 words about me:

I am a practicing diagnostic radiographer with a specialist interest in PET-CT. I am currently manager for the delivery of imaging services in PET-CT and MRI for Alliance Medical in two facilities located in the UK. I currently Chair the Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Advisory Group for the Society & College of Radiographers in the UK.

NB All information delivered in this Webinar is drawn from comprehensive research article review and key government guidance examples originating from the UK. At the time of writing, the status of COVID-19 is constantly changing globally, country to country and region to region, it is therefore recommended that this webinar should be referenced in conjunction with current local government guidance and that of your health care provider.