About this course

The International COVID-19 Support for Radiographers/RTs is an e-learning module, developed collaboratively by the ISRRT and the EFRS through international experts from both organizations .

The ISRRT and EFRS would like to thank Emeritus Professor Peter Hogg, School of Health and Society, University of Salford (UK) for his enthusiasm and commitment to making this project a reality. Peter, together with Mr Ken Holmes (University of Cumbria, UK) have led this work and the rapid content development process. A special thanks to a large number of content authors from across the world for creating the teaching and support materials. We also want to thank each of the experts that took the time to develop and share best practice information for our professionals worldwide.

The material within this e-learning module, and the scientific evidence that supports it, will provide the Radiographers/RTs throughout the World with additional resources to help in their fight against this global pandemic by keeping themselves healthy and supporting the healthcare services in their countries to support patients.