Mobile Radiography: Radiation Protection Summary Flow Chart

Start with 'Justification'

  1. Is the examination medically justified?
  2. Has it been done already (avoid repeating unnecessarily)?
  3. Is it needed now?
  4. Is this the best investigation?

Proceed to 'Optimisation: Patient dose'

  1. Is this the correct patient?
  2. Has the patient consented?
  3. Do it right – first time! Pay attention to technique to minimise repeats
    1. Careful patient and image receptor positioning
  4. Have I optimised the exposure factors?
    1. kV and mAs appropriate to patient size and image receptor? Use exposure charts where available
    2. Standardise SID (or adjust mAs accordingly)
    3. Collimation to just the required chest region?
    4. Is a grid required? (according to kV in use and patient size)
    5. If using a grid – avoid grid cut-off and misalignment
  5. Contact shielding is not required
  6. Monitor patient doses via DAP or exposure indices

Remember: Optimisation: Staff dose

  1. Maximise distance between Radiographer and patient (ideally >2metres)
    1. If < 2m consider wearing lead aprons
    2. Stand at 90 degrees to central ray direction
    3. Use barriers as appropriate (mobile shields /walls)
  2. Control the area by limiting the number of other staff in vicinity
    1. Announce clearly ‘x-ray exposure’ to other staff so they maximise their distance
    2. Ensure other staff are appropriately distanced
  3. Use barriers as appropriate (mobile shields / walls)
  4. Monitor patient doses via DAP or exposure indices (patient dose influences staff dose)