Topic description and Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Effectively apply the 10 point plan to ensure the image is diagnostic for a mobile chest radiograph on a Covid 19 patient
  • Identify common pathological appearances on the radiograph of COVID 19 and communicate the findings to the referrer

The image is reviewed by using the 10 point plan

The purpose of using a standardised process for image review is to provide diagnostic quality images ready for image interpretation. It is the primary role of the Radiographer / Radiological Technologist to ensure the images they produce are the best quality they can achieve. The 10 point plan provides a logical process to identify good technique/ errors. The image can be then be downloaded onto the PACS for image reading or repeated if it does not answer the clinical question

Table 1: 10 point plan

1. Patient Identification

2. Area of Interest included

3 Anatomical Markers and Legends

4. Correct projection for a mobile chest X-ray

5 Correct exposure indicator

6. Optimum definition

7. Collimation to the area of interest

8. Are there any artefacts and are they obscuring the image?

9. Any repeat radiographs or further projections

10. Anatomical variations & pathological appearances