Ultrasound checklist from the ISRRT Response Document

1. Preparation, during and post procedure precautions

1.1. Sonographer / Sonologist / echo tech

  • Imaging requests should be triaged scan, can be delayed without impacting on clinical care or can be avoided until after the pandemic. 
  • As per generic advice on PPE for all in close contact, remembering that sonography involves prolonged physical contact, often in a confined space.  
  • Attempt to shorten the duration of the examination by arranging for the most experienced Sonologist / sonographer to perform the examination (ISUOG, 23.03.20)
  • Fetal anomaly screening programmes are time critical and we should continue to offer timely screening.  (RCOG guidance 24.3.20). In the event that there is insufficient staff to provide the service, scans should be prioritised in the following order: 
1. Anomaly scan at 18+0 -23+0 weeks 

2. Ultrasound +/- screening at 11+2 14+1 

3. Growth scans