Clinical Ultrasound in Covid-19

Ultrasound can be used in the assessment of lung, but also for determining if the patient has a deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

This section will provide resources to support your learning in these two areas. 

1. Lung ultrasound

1.5. Additional resources

There are a number of resources available on lung ultrasound. Some are specific to covid-19, others are more general articles. A range of suggestions are provided here.

British Medical ULtrasound Society (BMUS) (2020) Lung Ultrasound.

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The POCUS atlas

Soldati G., Smargiassi A., Inchingolo R. et al (2020). Is there a role for lung ultrasound during the COVID-19 pandemic? Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine  DOI:10.1002/ jum.15284