Effective communication


5. Effective communication tips for radiographers / radiological technologists imaging Covid-19 positive/suspected patients

5.4. Step 4: Thank the patient, offer relevant information and wish the patient a good recovery

  • After taking the X-ray and verifying its diagnostic value, the radiographer / radiological technologist should sincerely thank the patient for his/her cooperation, wish him/her well and provide a typical timeframe for the chest x-ray to be reported made available to the medical team looking after the patient. Such information is commonly asked by the medical team and/or the patient, so it is recommended that radiographers / radiological technologists are prepared and able to provide correct timeframes.
  • Close the rapport by wishing the patient a good day/evening and speedy recovery.
  • Finally, at the departmental and organisational levels, effective communication is also very important. Many organisations have implemented centralised ‘command centres’ to coordinate Covid-19 activities, and very importantly Covid-19 information. Thus better facilitating real-time engagement with constantly changing needs of departments, staff, patients (and their families). Daily departmental briefings help make sure that all staff have the latest information and can also be used to better identify, and address, potential issues which often relate to communications breakdowns.