Effective communication


4. Effective communication between staff is important to ensure best practice and safety

Before discussing the radiographer-patient interaction, it is important to highlight the importance of good preparation and effective communication between relevant staff. Such preparation is essential in order to ensure best and safe practices with minimal disruption.

As part of the preparation, radiographers / radiological technologists assigned to image Covid-19 positive/suspected patients are encouraged to:

  • obtain patient details, including where the patient is located (i.e. ward/bed).
  • ensure that they have all the required devices in accordance to hospital/departmental procedures, for example, personal PPE, protective covers for (DR detector/CR cassettes), key/password for mobile X-ray unit, cleaning wipes, etc. (radiographic procedure section)
  • discuss, clarify and agree on their individual roles and responsibilities, especially if they are working together with other radiographers / radiological technologists or professionals. Such discussions should ideally occur before everyone is donned in PPE, but this may not always be the case. In this regard, teamwork is essential, especially when the staff are not necessarily in the same room. Rather than resort to ‘shouting’ information or instructions, alternative means of communication, such as regular visual contact ‘checks’, increased use of hand gestures, and/or the use of technologies such as intercom systems or other telecommunication devices (such as mobile phones or tablets) can all help staff communicate more effectively between them.