An Introduction to Clinical Audit for Radiographers

11. Audit report and dissemination

Sharing the results of an audit with relevant stakeholders (radiography staff, radiologists, managers and referring clinicians) is vital to either provide reassurance that best practice is being adhered to, or to highlight areas for improvement. Sharing these results is likely to provide more support and 'buy in' for any implemented changes.

A standard audit report would normally include aims, methodology, results, analysis and conclusion along with recommendations for any changes in practice, policy or protocol 3. This report should follow the institution's own audit template if one exists, and should have the audit methodology accurately recorded so that it can be repeated at a later date if required.

Often the most effective dissemination is by presenting the audit via a Power Point presentation or similar, supported by visual displays and charts. This can help to promote group discussion regarding the significance of the audit and any changes in practice required. Some audits would be valuable if shared with a wider community, and while conferences are not feasible at this time, they could be shared online with professional networks and professional interest groups.