About the course

  • Background
  • Acknowledgments
  • Structure

3. Structure

The module consists of the following topics

  • Learning objectives, where “what” and “to what extent” is expected to be knowledgeable and applied by participants upon completion of the module is outlined
  • CT webinar which is divided in 3 stages, consistent to day to day practice. The performance of the CT examination including the infection control considerations is explained step by step and with audiovisual means.
  • CT checklist in 3 stages, providing an overview of the three stages of CT examination performance. (Extracted by the corresponding section of the ISRRT Response) Document
  • CT Department General advice, describing the key safety precautions when performing CT examinations. (Adapted from the ISRRT Response Document)
  • Useful links and bibliography, a list of resources, and further reading material.

Upon completion participants will undertake a short MCQ and True/False assessment before gaining a certificate of completion

We hope that this learning module will serve as a useful tool supporting radiographers / radiological technologists to perform CT examinations safely during the pandemic.