Computed Tomography Checklist in 3 stages


This section has been extracted from the “ISRRT Response Document-appropriate and safe use of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy with infection control measures considered in addition to standard radiation protection procedures. April 2020”. It is available on the ISRRT Website ( It is edited and compiled by A.Stewart Whitley, Director of Professional Practice - International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists(ISRRT) following valuable input from many radiography expert contributors.

3. Post procedure

3.4. Imaging Room Environmental Considerations

  • Disinfection-Decontamination-Deep cleaning of:
    • surfaces
    • contact points (knobs) by the use of a suitable disinfectant in accordance to Infection Prevention Committee
  • In case of contamination i.e. if patient mask is removed during a procedure or during an Aerosol producing procedure, ensure that the CT unit examining room is disinfected accordingly after 30 min and ventilated adequately for 30-60 minutes following the disinfection/decontamination procedure (based on local practice recommendation) before the next examination.
  • Attention to door knobs, keyboards, console, mouse, phone, mobile phones, pagers, lighting switches, as they are also contaminated.
  • CT areas must be decontaminated at the beginning of each work shift