Computed Tomography Checklist in 3 stages


This section has been extracted from the “ISRRT Response Document-appropriate and safe use of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy with infection control measures considered in addition to standard radiation protection procedures. April 2020”. It is available on the ISRRT Website ( It is edited and compiled by A.Stewart Whitley, Director of Professional Practice - International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists(ISRRT) following valuable input from many radiography expert contributors.

1. Preparation

1.1. Radiographer/RT Tasks

  • Ensure that patients and staff use the central entrance and do not enter the department without permission and without specific reason.
  • Do not allow asymptomatic patients to wait in the waiting room with suspected confirmed COVID-19 patients.
  • Have them wait in a separate designated room.
  • Maintain WHO social distancing or 2meters (6 feet).
  • Confirm that medical exposure has been justified as urgent accordingly and/or cannot be rescheduled
  • Inform the referring physician that the patient would not be allowed to enter the department and examination room unless wearing the appropriate mask in accordance with the Infection Prevention Committee guidelines.
  • Ensure areas and equipment have been adequately disinfected-decontaminated.
  • Disinfect - wash hands.
  • For asymptomatic- suspected COVID-19 patients wear a simple surgical mask and single use gloves when receiving a paper referral, identify the patient and continue with the procedure.
  • For confirmed COVID-19 patients, don a N95/FFP2/FFP3 mask for Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) and single use gloves, full face mask when available or goggles and a fluid resistant isolation gown
  • When receiving a paper referral, identify the patient and continue with the procedure