Patient Informatics

1. Overview

This module focuses on the main challenges to be considered by Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) teams or other individuals who support the I.T. functionality of Radiology services, which will also be affected by the provision of imaging during this outbreak.

The majority of informatics support during outbreaks or prolonged major incidents such as found with COVID-19 focuses on reducing ‘imaging drag’ (the micro-delays found within all imaging processes which cause bottlenecks and frustrations due to suboptimal processes and workflow – most likely to become visible in high-intensity situations)


  1. Setting up and connecting temporary imaging facilities for COVID-19 imaging
  2. Integrating temporary, donated or non-standard imaging equipment with existing workflows and Patient Administration, Radiology Information System(RIS), PACS, Electronic Patient Record (EPR) etc.
  3. Ensuring good quality electronic patient documentation
  4. Consistency of imaging documentation
  5. Ensuring prompt and reliable information flows (integrations into the wider hospital environment)
  6. Image storage and retrieval
  7. Radiation dose recording and monitoring during high volume operations
  8. Prompt and efficient Image Transfers (as patients are moved between centres / temporary centres
  9. Security and access for temporary / redeployed staff / students
  10. Faults, managing housekeeping, on-call and informatics support / administration
  11. Imaging I.T. Equipment and Infection Control
  12. Reporting outside the hospital environment
  13. Considerations for (future) research – labelling and identification of relevant examinations
  14. Security and cyber considerations
  15. Returning to normal service / standing down