Radiography Department and Mobile Radiography on at risk COVID-19 patients

3. Post procedure

3.1. Radiographer/RT Tasks

  • Contact radiographer re-enters the X-ray room (dirty area) or patient bedside, wearing PPE equipment
  • Carefully remove the used paper cover from the X-ray couch, if used, without touching your clothing and dispose of it in the corresponding bin according to hospital policy.
  • Ensure decontamination-disinfection of Vertical Bucky or X-ray couch CTS gantry/LBD keypad, surfaces contact points (sponges, fixing pads, knobs) and the DDR/CR detector by the use of a suitable disinfectant in accordance to Hospital Infectious Diseases Control Committee equipment manufacturer’s instructions.
  • After disinfection/decontamination/deep cleaning, the RG/RT must visually inspect the X-ray room and auxiliary equipment without removing gloves and mask.
  • Must not remove your mask yet!
  • Carefully remove your gloves carefully FIRST!
  • Dispose of them in the clinical waste bin (yellow hazardous contaminated waste) in accordance with the regulation of your HWMC
  • Disinfect hands immediately as there is danger of being contaminated without gloves!
  • Remove mask carefully so that the cords or bands of the mask do not touch the face or mucous membranes of the face (and eyes), and dispose of it in the clinical waste bin (yellow hazardous contaminated waste) in accordance with the HWMC
  • Disinfect - Wash hands well (again because you touched your mask)!
  • For mobile radiography
    • The mobile X-ray machine should be move to the clean area where the detector cover is disposed into a clinical waste bin by ensuring that the detector is not touched by gloves and disinfected
    • Dispose of PPE equipment in the clinical waste bin as per the visiting ward instructions
    • Wash hands before leaving the area
    • Return to the radiography department and complete any post imaging tasks and record dose