4. Optimization of the procedure ALARP / ALARA

1. Justification: Is the exam needed now?

The justification for immediate mobile CXR on COVID-19 patients lies in how the imaging outcomes will impact patient care. Because COVID-19 is highly infectious and can progress into respiratory distress and secondary pneumonia, it may be critical to assess the patient’s condition to optimize patient care or to confirm the position of tubes and lines. The question that must be asked is whether the imaging will alter the patient’s management. According to a recent article in Radiology (Mossa-Basha et al, 2020), mobile CXR should not be considered as a screening tool, but should only be considered if the patient has a specific clinical need. The article also states that “emergent imaging may be necessary for evaluation of other urgent conditions, including stroke, trauma, infection, and other disease conditions” (p. 123). There are several reports of other disease processes that appear as a result of infection with COVID-19.