Projectional X-ray of the chest

3. Ensure environment is safe and patient equipment (e.g ventilators) are not affected

Patient and staff safety is paramount during mobile radiography.  Mobile units are very sensitive to the forward/backward force asserted by the operator at the driving control. Sudden acceleration can lead to accidents resulting in unintended consequences.  Radiographer / RTs should ensure that the mobile X-ray equipment, does not strike equipment at a patient’s bedside when being manoeuvred into position.  Radiographer / RTs, for mobile equipment requiring mains electricity, should ensure that there are no trip hazards.  Radiographer / RTs should ensure that patients and staff members are aware of the close proximity of X-ray equipment and that they do not suffer any physical injuries from accidental contact (for example, head or foot injuries).  It is a primary responsibility of the radiographer / RT to ensure that the environment for mobile radiography is as safe as possible for both the patient and staff members.