The practical imaging aspects of the X-ray procedure

5. Mobile projectional radiography

Mobile projectional radiography typical requires transportation of a mobile X-ray unit to the patient’s bedside. This generates a number of specific considerations including access to the patient, movement of the X-ray unit within confined spaces (see Youtube video), production of a diagnostic image and maintaining the health and safety of the patient, ward staff and radiographer / RTs. Chest radiography has been recommended in the management of COVID-198,9. In order to restrict the transmission of the COVID-19 virus suspected or proven infections would normally be imaged using mobile X-ray equipment. This will increase the number of examinations being performed and also require mobile radiography in new areas of the hospital. Such situations would more easily be managed within the radiology department, where exposure to ionising radiation can be restricted to designated X-ray rooms. Access to fixed X-ray units can be carefully controlled and additionally are specific elements of an X-ray room designed to minimise patient and occupational exposure to ionisation radiation.