Mobile X-ray equipment

1. X-ray mobile and detector

1.2. Sliding column X-ray tube arm

The sliding column is an important component of the mobile x-ray equipment. It allows the Radiographer to easily and effortlessly operate the system in different settings. With a small turning radius and cable-free design the sliding column integrates a flexible telescopic tube, with a broad extension range and wide degrees of rotation, allows to easily operate at the patient bedside.

Five major movements can hence be identified (4):

1.    Rotation around the center of the column;

2.    Cross arm movements – extension of the x-ray tube from the center of the column;

3.     Rotation around the axis of the cross-arm;

4.     Angulation across the long axis of the x-ray tube;

5.     Vertical movement up and down the main column.

The collimator box allows the Radiographer to move the x-ray tube head and collimator into the most appropriate positioning towards the patient and the detector. Fine positioning control on the tube head offers precise and accurate technique in terms of radiographic positioning.