Is the image diagnostic? (10 point plan)

8. Are there any artefacts and are they obscuring the image?

Artefacts may be from a number of sources and the radiographer/technologist should be prepared to discuss any artefacts on the radiograph.

  • Patient and equipment
    • Dense collections of hair
    • Clothing, buttons / zips
    • Metal objects in pockets or around the neck and piercings
    • Skin folds
    • Oxygen reservoir, mask and tubing
    • Operative metalwork
    • Teeth knocked out by intubation
  • Detectors and Image processing
    • Noise from under exposure
    • ‘Burn out’ from overexposure
    • Detector the wrong way round.  (The tube side of the detector is clearly marked and must be facing the X-ray tube)
    • Grid lines from radiographic grids

ECG lines and any equipment should be moved to the edges of the patient so as not to obscure the lungs.