Is the image diagnostic? (10 point plan)

3. Anatomical Markers and Legends

For a mobile chest image to be diagnostic it must include anatomical annotation of the left or right aspect of the chest.

All mobile radiography is adapted technique and this needs to be annotated on the image to inform the clinician and reporting practitioner

Annotation should include:

  • Right or Left

  • Mobile

  • Patient position

      • Erect,  supine or prone
    • The FDD in cm

      • If supine the X-ray tube should be as far away from the detector as possible. Reduced FRD’s result in magnification and increased Unsharpness. This may result in the lateral margins of large patients being projected off the detector

    For mobile chest Radiographs the exposure factors and time of the examination should also be included.

    In the current situation with patients with COVID 19 anatomical markers placed on the detector at the time of imaging should be avoided because of possible cross infection. Care must therefore be taken to ensure the digital image is not ‘flipped from AP to PA depending on the patient position.