Radiotherapy Department General Advice

1. Treatment/ environment Consideration

  • Consider evidence-based shorter fractionation schedules and deferring radiotherapy for some groups
  • Use the RADS (Remote, Avoid, Defer, Shorten) principle to help plan individual patient treatment
  • Consider re-scheduling of non-urgent routine follow-up cases
  • Wipe down of the treatment couch or accessories after each patient
  • Thorough cleaning of all area used by suspected or confirmed Covid -19 patients
  • Ensure infection prevention measures are employed when managing the treatment room used to treat patient
  • Schedule Covid-19 patient appointment to be different timing from other patients who are at particularly increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19
  • Minimal waiting time of the COVID -19 patient in the radiotherapy department.
  • Upon arrival, Covid-19 patient should be waiting in an isolation room away from the main waiting area
  • If multiple treatment machines are available, to designate ‘dirty’ machine for Covid-19 patients. If not possible, to arrange for Covid-19 patient to be treated as the last patient of the day