Part two

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Course: Practical guidelines for radiographers/radiological technologists during the pandemic COVID-19
Book: Part two
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Date: Friday, 19 July 2024, 7:30 AM

1. Guidelines: key points


2. Protection measures


3. Preparation


3.1. YouTube video: Guide to hand washing

Let's watch a video that shows how to wash our hands correctly.

3.2. YouTube video: Why it is important to wash your hands properly

Now let's watch the opposite. Observe what happens when we don’t wash our hands properly. In this video, the model has applied a gel to her hands, which simulates how germs attach to our skin. The gel is actually transparent, but it fluoresces under ultraviolet light and contains particles of the same size as germs and coronavirus. The white spots on the hands that you will see are still infected areas - and the darker spots are clean.

So, please remember! always wash your hands thoroughly!!!

3.3. YouTube video: donning (putting on) PPE

Let’s watch a video on how to wear a mask properly

4. During RT session



5. Session completion



5.1. YouTube video: Doffing

Now, let’s watch a video about doffing, there are two ways of doffing and we will watch them both

6. General advice