Clinical Ultrasound in Covid-19

2. Leg ultrasound for DVT

2.1. Guidance for DVT (non-Covid-19)

Reporting DVT examinations

Advice recommends that the term 'superficial femoral vein' is not used within the clinical report, to avoid confusion, as this is a deep vein. The conclusion should clearly state that a deep vein thrombosis is present, if  one is detected during the examination.

Guidance on diagnosis and management of venous thromboembolism: 

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence [NICE] (2000) Venous thromboembolism: diagnosis and anticoagulation treatment. Visual summary. Available at:

NICE (2000) Venous thromboembolic diseases: diagnosis, management and thrombophilia testing. NICE guideline [NG158]. Available at:

Background information on venous-thromboembolisatim can be found on the e-learning for healthcare site (free to register for this module).