Computed Tomography Checklist in 3 stages

2. During

2.1. Radiographer/RT Tasks

  • Ensure that the wheelchair or stretcher is removed from the examination room
  • Cover the CT couch with disposable paper
  • Remove any metallic objects in the region of ​​interest from the patient with particular care (especially artificial dentures, nose rings, where there is risk of being infected).
  • Remove gloves and dispose of them in the Clinical Waste bin (hazardous-contaminated waste) in accordance with the regulation of your Hospital Waste Management Committee. (HWMC)
  • Remember, when exiting the CT scanner room (contaminated area) clothing may be contaminated.
  • Don't remove your mask!
  • Disinfect hands with a hand sanitizer before you enter the CT console area (clean area) i.e. before touching the keyboard and mouse, the control console, and the injector.
  • Perform examination (i.e. scanning and IV CM injection) in consideration of the diagnostic requirements and the principles of justification, optimization, radiation dose limitation as well as the Radiographer’s/Radiological Technologist’s Ethical Code and RG/RT Professional Rights at all times.